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There are 7 major chakras and over 80,000 minor chakras found within the body. 7 major chakras begin at your base and end at the crown, forming the energetic basis of an individual’s security, power, relationships, love, truth, insight and enlightenment.

Chakra Dowsing and Balancing is a fascinating part of energy healing; which brings an individuals body, mind and soul into harmony. It is a valuable tool to know which chakras needs extra care, attention and clearing. It helps detect the psychological and physical trauma that is negatively affecting the body.Functioning of these chakras and the subsequent understanding of the psyche of the person can be detected using crystal pendulums, programmed by the therapist.

Some Benefits of Chakra Balancing are:-

• Increase Clarity.

• Clear Out Harmful Thoughts - such as resentment, anger, jealousy or betrayal - If these feelings are not    dealt with appropriately, they will create Dis - ease in your body.

• Gain Insights - confusion, uncertainty and indecision can be released by helping a person to restore one’s    focus.

• Reduce Stress - by releasing unnecessary thoughts and distractions.

• Strengthening the body, mind, and spirit - stress and worry can cause the chakras to become weak or    distorted which is a major cause of illnesses.

• Restore Harmony - physical or psychological trauma, emotional wounds and mental imbalances need to   be released or balanced for the body to remain healthy..
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Instructor - Snehal Rupani
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