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Parents of Pre-School Children…

As the parent of a PRESCHOOL CHILD, you may be concerned because your child is experiencing:

• Developmental delays — language problems and social-or emotional immaturity
• Difficulty relating to peers and grown ups—(autistic spectrum disorder)
• Behavioral problems—aggressive at home or at school constantly arguing and not listening to you
• Sleep problems—refusing to go to bed or sleep on his or her time
• Fearful or anxious about leaving you or the home/refuses to stay in day-care
• Difficulty getting along with peers due to aggressive behavior
• Problems adjusting to a new home and school following adoption
• Frequent and intense temper-tantrums that are difficult to control
• Difficulty adjusting to parent’s divorce and to a life in two homes

As a PARENT of a pre-school child you may be:
• Worried about your child’s development
• Concerned that your child seems unhappy
• At the end of your rope, you have tried everything but nothing has worked feeling guilty or inadequate as a    parent
• Feeling frustrated that your child is controlling your whole family
• In conflict with your partner because you have different parenting styles
• Concerned about your ability to handle your child as he or she gets older

Parenthood can become an easier and more enjoyable experience where both you and your child thrive.

With the help of a parent – child therapist and counselor you can get the help you need to cope better with your child. I will show you effective ways to manage the problems you are having.

If you are having problems with your child; psychological intervention during infancy and early childhood can help your child do well in school, make friends and achieve his/her cognitive potential.

Research Shows That Child Therapy and Parent Counseling Can Prevent Problems Later in Life. Studies show that children who show behavioral problems early in life can turn into difficult school age children. They may fail school, become delinquent and even violent as adults without therapeutic intervention.

The younger the child the more effective the treatment is.
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Instructor - Snehal Rupani
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