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Grapho Therapy means making a conscious change in your handwriting in order to bring about a desired subconscious change within yourself. Graphologists often forward the claim that handwriting would be more accurately described as mind-writing or brain-writing because so much of the contents of the unconscious can be revealed in the thoughtless way in which pen is put to paper.

Handwriting is an exceptionally powerful tool which works on a simple principle. Your brain gives instructions to your hand to write, using Grapho Therapy we are using our hands to give instructions to our brain to achieve the desired results. Its great advantage is that it uncovers many aspects of personality that are hidden from view.

Some of the Benefits are as follows

• Provide a better understanding of yourself and what works best to meet your personal and professional    potential.

• Identifies stumbling blocks that can be easily eliminated by making changes to your handwriting.

• You will be able to see yourself as others really see you.

• Gain a better appreciation of self and others.
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Instructor - Snehal Rupani
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