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Energy Vastu is a science where an Energy Vortex is created that has the potential to clear all the lower energies from the surroundings, making the environment positive and soothing. It is a combination of Thetahealing, placement of shankhs and crystals.

Using Thetahealing it is possible to clear

• Psychic hooks - different emotions such as hatred, anger, obsessive love etc creates an emotional   attachment of both negative and positive nature which can be unfavorable to the well being of an    individual/office/factory.

• Psychic attack - these are thought form of other people, sent to us intentionally or unintentionally. Our aura    field usually protects us from these thought unless the person sending it to us is someone close to us.       This works for a particular place too.

• Soul fragments - in case of an extremely intense emotional attachment to another person or a particular    place a tiny piece of our essential life force can be lost. This is a deeper level of psychic hook.

• Oaths, Vows - they can be genetic. Oath means to swear by. Vow - special kind of oath. they may be    created for positive reason but may create difficulty in a person’s life in the here and now.

• Curses - there are diff kinds of curses, generational curses - that are passed on from diff generations and   cast curse - which is accepted by people in present time. These curses work on a place too. If a place is   cursed the people using it may have various emotional or physical problems.

• Blessings - condensed thought form which is opposite of curse can also at times create problem

• Way-wards, Fallens and Possessions – these are spirit that have left the body and don't know where to go.

• Ghost imprints – everything is energy. The energy of living matter projects memories upon places and    articles; making them act alive from interaction with biological life forms.

Shankhs are very powerful devices for energizing a place and to correct energy defects of the place. A Shankh in combination with the knowledge of Chakras ensures proper flow of energy within the area, which helps in the overall prosperity without any demolition or changes to the existing structure or the interiors of a place.

Benefits of using shankhs to correct the energy of a place

• Enables to maintain a positive and healthy environment to live in
• To increase and enhance financial growth and stability
• To attract success
• To bring peace, happiness, abundance, opportunities
• To invite love and harmony in relationships
• To maintain a spiritual environment
• To enhance the psychic abilities and intuitions
• To keep the place protected and safe
• To have a steady flow of beautiful cosmic energies into the place
• For overall peace and happiness;
• To make life a gift – beautiful place worth living and working.

Each Crystal has its own energy vibration. The energy that they transmit can have powerful effects on the different energy vibrations in a human being and a place. It helps to clear blocked energy in our body, attune our mind, body, spirit and emotions, and bring our energy field back into balance. Through this balancing and attuning, they help us to heal ourselves and our surroundings.
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Basic DNA - Theta Healing

Instructor - Snehal Rupani
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